Engineering Values

When the word “values” comes up, people often think of one-word ideas, like honesty or integrity. When touted as organizational values, these are sometimes prefaced with adjectives intended to pump them up, such as “relentless” and “unstoppable”.
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Burnout at Scale

Many of the current discussions about burnout focus on solutions aimed at the individual. Can burnout be approached as a structural issue, instead of an individual one?
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Let's learn git

Git is a way to document changes to code or text (or code and text). It also makes it easy to explain the changes and possible to back out of them. Git can be used by solo developers or teams.
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The year was 2013. The place was BADCamp. As I wandered from session to session I kept hearing about Vagrant, a free open source tool for creating and configuring disposable virtual environments.
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