Check out my curated list of sessions at DrupalCon Barcelona. I looked at sessions that new and experienced contributors, mentors and everyone who is planning to be at the sprints on Friday would find useful.

For an at-a-glance view, check out the summary list of the sessions.

Tuesday, 22 September

After the prenote and Driesnote, eojthebrave will take a look inside Drupal 8 at 11:00 in Altering, Extending, and Enhancing Drupal 8. Learn about hooks, plugins, events, and services and how they play together.

After lunch, at 13:00 tvn will discuss Content Strategy for Come to this session if you want to know what is in store for

At 14:15 jaredsmith will walk us through Docker in the DrupalCI test infrastructure, answering questions about Docker, about Drupal CI and about how the two make Drupal 8 development better and faster.

At 15:45 webflo and tstoeckler will discuss Composer and Drupal 8 and the issues that remain to be resolved before we can adopt it fully in our development workflow. Also at 15:45 lauriii will explain The Backend of Frontend in Drupal 8.

New and experienced mentors, join us for Mentor Orientation at 15:45, and a live Mentoring Demonstration at 17:00.

Wednesday, 23 September

Wednesday is packed full of sessions about Drupal contribution and mentoring.

Open source contributors familiar with the GitHub pull request model encounter a barrier in the Drupal patch workflow. At 10:45 Mixologic will explain how Pull requests are coming to Also at 10:45 lauriii and Schnitzel will discuss strategies for Avoiding and surviving of contribution burnout.

After lunch, at 13:00 kgoel and valthebald will identify current Pain Points of Contribution in the Drupal Community and talk about how to eliminate them.

At 14:15 continue for the conversation about The Future of Mentoring with alimac, David Hernández, and YesCT. Drupal mentoring program has had many successes and become a blueprint for other communities, but what might mentoring in the Drupal community look like in the future?

At 17:00 tim.plunkett will have us think about Planning for Drupal 8.1.x, 8.2.x, and our future together.

Thursday, 24 September

At 10:45 eojthebrave wants to continue the conversation from DrupalCon Los Angeles in Let’s Keep Talking About Documentation. If you care about well-written docs and tutorials, start Thursday at this session.

At 13:00, after lunch Gábor Hojtsy will regale us with tales of Herding cats, gatos, macskák and γάτες - open source project management in the Drupal community, lessons from the multilingual teami. Multilingual is one of the most successful initiatives in Drupal 8. More than 1200 people haved worked on multilingual issues, provided feedback, and testing and documentation. Let’s take notes and learn from them.

Also at 13:00, neuro159 will be talking about using PhpStorm for Drupal Development. If you are looking for a code editor for Drupal work, definitely add this session to your schedule.

Funding work on Drupal is critical to moving the project forward. Again at 13:00, effulgentsia, kgoel, alimac and YesCT will join forces for a panel about Paid contribution: past, present, and future. Learn from our experiences in getting paid for working on Drupal core.

Finally at 14:15 join xjm for a Drupal 8 retrospective with Dries. Drupal 8 will be a landmark release of Drupal, with myriad new features and improvements. Ask Dries a question.

Friday, 25 September

On Friday it is time for contributors, mentors and first-time sprint participants to pull all of the week’s preparation to work at the following events:

See you in Barcelona!


Tuesday, 22 September

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Thursday, 24 September

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